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Publisher's description

SAM Broadcaster is a professional DJ system with the ability to stream audio over the internet to listeners across the world. SAM Broadcaster is actually much more than just a "DJ system" - it is a COMPLETE radio automation solution - a radio station in a box.

SAM Broadcaster delivers professional sound with crossfading, gap killer, beat matching, volume normalization and 5-band compressor/limiter.
Smartly handles LARGE media libraries - sorting them into easy-to-manage categories.
Advanced playlist rotation logic and scheduling will make your station sound professional - even if you are not in front of your computer!
The most advanced streaming encoders - able to encode MP3, mp3PRO, WM9 and Ogg!
Support for all major streaming servers, including SHOUTcast, Live365, IceCast, Windows Media and P2P Streamer.
View statistics in real-time: Know how many listeners are connected at any given moment.
Interfaces directly with your website to allow automated song requests and improve the experience of your listeners by providing them with Artist, Title, Album, Cover art and other information on songs being played.
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    Frustrated 2 days ago

    yesterday i had 4.2 as its the only version that works with my i wake up to a 'cannot connect to database please make your your database is uptodate and configured' WTF!? I have to not use SAM anymore because of this garbage?! NOT happy at all! I see even PAID members are having headache with this software. No support equals no business form me! They can stuff it!

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    ROB 4 days ago

    SAM 2016 is a piece of GARBAGE and not worth spending a dime!!

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    ROB 4 days ago

    We used SAM for the past 5 yrs and we've never had any issues. Not until recently when we decided to upgrade to the latest version of 2016. Because we never had any issues before. we did not go through the 14 day trial. After the first week, we started experiencing issues with the software. Playlists were being shuffled even when the settings are in "Auto DJ or Queue". We contacted support hoping that it is something that they should be able to fix. We went back n forth with support to try out different things. They even sent us another download link for SAM. This didn't fix it either. It continued getting worse each passing day. Remember that during all this time, we've now passed the 14 days of trial. We had hope that this could be fixed. Not after about 21 days we realized that the software they sold us this time was a piece of garbage and had a lotta issues. Our presenters had to cancel some of their shows because the application was so unstable and outta control. At some point you'd add files to the queue window and they get shuffled to the bottom of the playlist, get skipped or disappear completely from the list. Can't even know where to find them. Bottom line, their tech support couldn't fix the issues. When we finally give up on having this piece of garbage fixed, we contacted them about a possible REFUND, they referred us to their stupid policy which states that once you decide to buy it, there is NO REFUND. But remember that this software begins to fall apart and develop major issues usually after maybe 21 days. By that time you're already committed and bought it. It has a lotta of great features and if you liked it like we have the pasted 5 yrs, you've already committed yourself to buying it. That is when you find yourself trapped and stuck with it. A lotta software companies give you 30 days trial so that you get to test out the software of any issues. SAM people rip you off with 14 days trial. I could go on for a while but i'll end with a WARNING to anybody who is planning to buy the new version (SAM 2016). STOP n run in the opposite direction. Stay away from it n save yourself. It is a HALF BAKED piece of you know what!! Don't get ripped off like we did for $300. This new version is not worth this money at all. Maybe for $50 you'd take a risk. I hope you take the hint otherwise don't blame anybody else when you get screwed by these people.

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